PKP Container

How can the PKP container help you?

The PKP Container, with several integrated units to receive the garbage.

The PKP Container classifies, shreds and stores plastic, cardboard, paper, drinks, cans and aluminum containers and shred them into pieces from 1 mm to 40 mm.

As a result, this packaging material changes to raw materials, which can be recycled easily and efficiently.

The PKP Container is easy to install in any kitchen, pantry, garage, canteen, restaurant oh school (built-in, detached oh industrial).

The PKP Container is designed in such a way that you can shred your garbage easily, quickly and efficiently and, therefore, provide great comfort.

The PKP Container can be decisive for the success of the garbage separation program and through its use, contributes to a better environment.

pkp-container in a kitchen.
The PKP Container can be installed directly in your kitchen.
The PKP Container for detached placement.
The PKP Container for detached placement.