Recycling and upcycling

From waste to raw material

Recycling Solutions Holding B.V. is a new company that is dedicated to the production and development of machines that help promote ecological sustainability, with the knowledge we have acquired with the tyre recycling, we designed machines that will help us to convert waste into raw material that could be used to manufacture of new packaging.
On that way we will create a new way of working. Because when we talk about waste we refer to the garbage that we find in our home as well as: Plastic packaging, cardboard, paper, beverage cartons, cans and aluminum packaging.

The packaging materials destroyer container is innovative, practical, sustainable, effective and environmentaly friendly. The PKP Container offers you the possibility to automaticly shred packaging materials inmediately after use, in 1 – 40mm pieces. As e result, the waste volume is reduced by 60% to 75%, so that the waste collection frequency can be reduced from 250 days per year to aproximately 43 days per year. The VmV Container is easy to place in any kitchen, pantry, garage/shed, bar, restaurant, schools, campers, boats, and airplanes (Embedded, Detached and Industrial).

The PKP Container is designed with standard measures that gives you the opportunity to place it Embedded, Detached and Industrial.

If we use shred plastic packaging for the production of new plastic packaging we will save of reduce 80% on up to 90% of the energy consumption.

The design of the PKP Container helps physically and cognitively support users and encourage them to separate garbage efficiently, comfortably and effectively.

We think that, to a certain extent, we are all responsible for the health of our children and of future generations.


PKP Container in the kitchen

How to place the PKP Container in your built-in kitchen

PKP Container in the utility room

The PKP Container can also be placed independently in your utility room.

Artists impression of the PKP Container

An artists impression of the PKP Container.

An industrial model is also available.